Custom Built


Estate Services

- Decks
- Fences
- Benches
- Pergola and Arbors
- Planter wood and PVC
- Trellises and Lattice work
- Outdoor Kitchen
- Outdoor Sitting or Meditation Space
- Plants Drip Irrigation
- Low Voltage or Ambiance Lighting
- Demolition & Removal of Existing Gardens


- Maintaining all types of outdoor woodwork
- Winterization and Leak repair drip- irrigation
- Light Bulb & Filter Replacement
- Power washing Decks and patio
- Sealing and Staining woodwork


PVC Planter

The meterial used to manufacture our planter is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This product captures the natural look of real wood, while addressing the mateenance problem associated with real wood or wood composites. It will NOT rot, swell or release paint in the presence of moisture or harsh environment, thus making beautiful, affordable, light weight' tough, elegant planters and leak proof outdoor storage benches.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4


Standard Planter Sizes (L x W x H )
28"x 28"x 28"H
24"x 24"x 24"H
20"x 20"x 20"H
16"x 16"x 16"H
60"x 20"x 20"H
48"x 20"x 20"H
36"x 20"x 20"H
46"x 16"x 16"H
36"x 16"x 16"H
24"x 16"x 16"H

Please Order Custom Sizes